Membrane Roofing


Membrane roofing is a type of roofing system designed to reduce the leaks and pooling associated with other roofing materials. This system is gradually replacing the traditional asphalt roof found on many homes and businesses. It is often used on roofs that are flat or very slightly sloped.


There are three basic types of membrane roofing systems:

  • Thermoset membrane
  • Thermoplastic membrane
  • Modified bitumen 


Membrane roofs are most commonly used in commercial application, however they are becoming increasingly more common in residential application. There are several important benefits to using a membrane roofing system instead of traditional materials such as Iron and Rubber. These materials reply on glue and nails. Systems used by Mulford Holdings Ltd are welded to the substraight, to ensure they are completely watertight.

Environmentally Friendly Systems

Warm Roof and Green Roof Systems are becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to their environmentally friendly solution.  These systems can be applied to new and retro-fit roofs, call us today to discuss options available to you.

Bituminous roofing rolls have taken huge strides forward over the course of time.  In contrast to other materials and plastics, they offer an unrivaled solution for waterproofing problems on flat roofs. With their all-round versatility for applications, and especially after 75 years of continuous improvement in an all-season climate, they have literally grown up to be totally watertight.

All of our systems are available in a range of colours, finishes and  a range of products from thicknesses of 1.1mm - 8mm membranes.